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Grain Quality Sensor Patent

U.S. Patent No. 10,085,379 Grain Quality Sensor The challenge There was a need in the agricultural industry for more automation in combines. While attempts have been made to automate combines, the sensors used for detecting the necessary conditions (such as load on the machine and cleanliness of the crop), have been inadequate for the job. … Read More

What does a stethoscope and an air seeder have in common?

Can you believe that the simple technology of a stethoscope is being used to monitor air seeders? While it may not seem like the most obvious solution, the technology we developed for the Recon Wireless Blockage and Flow Monitor uses acoustic sensors to listen for blockages in air seeders. When we develop solutions to solve growers’ challenges, we try to … Read More

Eco-friendly product development with c2renew

Who doesn’t want products that are eco-friendly? Peder Nystuen, product manager, recently talked with Emerging Prairie about our work with c2renew to explore ways that we can better manufacture our wireless blockage and flow monitor to reduce our carbon footprint. Read the full article from Emerging Prairie here.