Recon SpreadSense®​

Recon SpreadSense® is the industry’s first blockage monitor for floaters. Utilizing the same acoustic technology developed for other Recon monitoring systems, Recon SpreadSense provides reliable real-time blockage detection.

Using a simple adhesive the acoustic sensors are easy to install on the back of each deflector, so there is no disruption to product flow.

The acoustic sensors listen to the material flow and send sound pulses through auditory tubes, similar to a stethoscope. The data is collected by the Electronic Control Unit (ECU), which displays the information on an iPad® in the cab. If there’s a blockage anywhere in the system, you’ll know.

Ensure even distribution of product across your floater, and increase your efficiency by not having to visually detect flow issues.

Recon SpreadSense machine compatibility:

  • TerraGator Air Max (compatible with all Air Max Spreaders)
  • CASE IH 810 Flex-Air (Titan Series)

Please contact your local Intelligent Ag dealer or representative to purchase this product and ensure machine compatibility.

Download the product info sheet.