Engage® SpreadControl

Section control for dry fertilizer applicators 

Shouldn’t your fertilizer application have more precision too? Tractors can now steer themselves, seeds can be planted with 98% accuracy, prescription mapping allows for variable rate population and nutrient control, and section control and individual row-unit control allows for inputs to be precisely placed. Get advanced section control for your floater, and reduce the width of swath control from 35 feet to 17.5 feet. Double the number of sections you can control (from two to four sections).

Engage Spread Control for Terragators


  • Important tool to more accurately and sustainably apply fertilizer.
  • Reduce fertilizer application overlap in irregularly shaped fields, fields with sloughs and wetlands, and fields with center pivot irrigation systems.
  • Reduce the environmental impact of double fertilizer application rates by reducing overlap areas.
  • Maximize the effectiveness of prescription tools commonly used in precision agriculture applications with the ability to control fertilizer application rates over smaller areas.
  • Maximize farm profits by reducing fertilizer overlap and improving the distribution of fertilizer.
Compatible with TerraGator® AirMax® Precision (A & B series). Our system requires the use of Raven Viper 4/4+ terminals. Please contact us for more information on future compatibility plans. 

Engage® SpreadControl was developed in collaboration with the Innovation Center at AgTegra Cooperative. 

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