Precision from a Personal Perspective

We understand each farmer's operation is unique. No matter you acreage or equipment, our versatile products can help you maximize efficiency on your farm. Here's how a few of our customers used our products to improve their profit margins.

Installation was very simple, straight-forward, and it worked right out of the box.

Mark Wagner, Monango, ND

We’ve run a lot of different crops through. The row sensors pick up big seeds, little seeds… it’s worked pretty well.

The sensitivity of it to pick up the seeds, no matter what size seed was going through it, really impressed me. I’m not sure that other monitors would give me that accuracy.

Troy Uglem, Northwood, ND

We had total confidence after we used the system for a few days that it was dependable.

Paul Korsmo, Northwood, ND

It’s been more than worth the investment. The blockage monitor has worked flawlessly.

Paul Korsmo, Northwood, ND

I’ve been very impressed with the quality of the product, and the accuracy of it.

Troy Uglem, Northwood, ND

I will not go back to running a drill without a blockage monitor.

Blaine Lundgren, Kulm, ND